Paperweight & House League Registration

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Welcome To The Port Credit 2022-23 Hockey Season

All house league player registrations take place on-line and will require you to:

  • At least one parent or guardian of each player registered in minor hockey will need to complete the online RIS Parent Program as a condition of participation.
  • Have a birth certificate number, passport number, or citizenship number.
  • Agree to the City of Mississauga & MHL Fair Play Code of Conduct.

New players to the Mississauga Hockey League will need a copy of their birth certificate on file. Please send this copy to:

U7 (Paperweight)

$ 575

U8 (Minor Novice) – U16 (Minor Midget)

$ 775

Registration is Open (2022-23)

U18/U21 (Midget/Juvenile)

$ 550


  • Payments are made by credit card
  • 50% at registration and 50% Sept 15, 2022

Non-Residents of Mississauga

  • Non Mississauga Residents are required to select the $65 Non Resident fee when registration.  This is a mandated requirement from the City of Mississauga for addresses that are outside the City of Mississauga.


If you require assistance with registration, please contact the Port Credit Registrar: Karen Santaguida

Terms and Conditions

  • Refund Policy In the event of an unexpected end to the hockey season, PCHA reserves the right to withhold a $50 administrative fee in addition to a prorated portion of the registration fee at the time of cancellation.
  • In lieu of changes this year relative to player movement from one Association to another Association and/or the GTHL, there will be an administration fee charge of $50 to reflect costs incurred by the Association
  • Withdrawal Refund Schedule;
    • Prior to August 15th, 2022: 100% of registration refunded
    • August 15th – September 14th, 2022: 50% of registration refunded
    • September 15th, 2022 Onward: No refund

Hockey Canada Changes Age-division Names

Year of Birth Age on Dec. 31, 2022 Old Age Division New Age Division
2016, 2017, 2018 6 or under Paperweight (Tyke) Under-7 (U7)
2015 7 Minor Novice Under-8 (U8)
2014 8 Novice Under-9 (U9)
2013 9 Minor Atom Under-10 (U10)
2012 10 Atom Under-11 (U11)
2011 11 Minor Peewee Under-12 (U12)
2010 12 Peewee Under-13 (U13)
2009 13 Minor Bantam Under-14 (U14)
2008 14 Bantam Under-15 (U15)
2007 15 Minor Midget Under-16 (U16)
2006, 2005 16-17 Midget Under-18 (U18)
2002, 2003, 2004 18-19-20 Juvenile Under-21 (U21)

Our Contact

Port Credit Memorial Arena
40 Stavebank Road
(905) 567-3492