Message from the President

I once heard a speech made by Tom Rennie, President of Hockey Canada, where he spoke about the fact that hockey was “Canada’s game” and that it should be fun for all boys and girls learning to play the game. That’s what I believe we do at Port Credit Hockey.

The Port Credit Hockey Association has been developing hockey players of all abilities since 1959 with the understanding that successful development as a hockey player is the product of complete personal growth.

From our well known Paperweight division right through to Juvenile, Port Credit coaches make the upmost effort to ensure the “hockey experience” is multifaceted and the best it can be for every player at every level of ability.

We want our players to have fun playing the game, developing their hockey skills and engaging with their teammates and coaches; and we want them to develop the off-ice skills that will carry them through life – teamwork, leadership, discipline and goal setting.

My 3 sons still enjoy many friendships with players and coaches that originated during their years playing at Port Credit Hockey.

Please join us to continue and grow the hockey tradition at Port Credit Hockey.

Bill Beaton