PCHA’s Rules of Operation



SECTION 1: Governance and Scope

1.1 Incorporation

  •  The Port Credit Hockey Association (PCHA), a member club in the Mississauga Hockey League (MHL), was incorporated under the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services of Ontario on April 27, 1992 and operates under the guidelines of its Rules of Operation and the Policies and Rules and Regulations of the Mississauga Hockey League which is a member of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL).
  • For greater detail, please refer to the MHL website at “www.hockey.on.ca” and to the PCHA website at www.portcredithockey.com

1.2 Hockey Operations:

  • The day-to-day hockey operations of the Port Credit Hockey Association are presided over by the PCHA Board of Directors.


SECTION 2: Parent or Guardian Code

Parent and Guardian Responsibilities

  1. All parents and guardians shall adhere to the PCHA’s “Rules of Operations” and the Code of Conduct set down by the City of Mississauga and posted in all City arenas.
  2. Parents and guardians have an obligation to remain positive and show respect towards all MHL Officials, PCHA Officials, Team Officials and all league players at all times. Failure to do so may result in your son/daughters removal from the Team and/or the Port Credit Hockey Association.
  3. Any disagreement will be dealt with as per PCHA and MHL “Rules of Operations”.
  4. Any parent, in the opinion of the PCHA, who is found to have acted in such a manner that shed a negative light on the team and/or organization may have his/her son or daughter suspended from his/her team for a length to be determined by the Board of Directors.


SECTION 3: Player’s Code

3.1 Player’s Responsibilities

  1. Players will show respect for all PCHA Officials and Team Officials and all league players at all times.
  2. Players will abide by all Team rules.
  3. Players will abide by the PCHA’s “Rules of Operations”.


SECTION 4: Player’s Equipment

4.1 Equipment

All players’ equipment must be approved CHA approved equipment.

Please refer to MHL website for greater detail

4.2 Goalie Equipment

Goalie equipment can be provided to house league players only; up to and including the Minor Peewee level.  A deposit of $300 is to be made payable to Port Credit Hockey and given to the designated Equipment Manager.  The deposit amount being set each year by the Board of Directors and the designated Equipment Manager. The equipment is to be used only for team practices, games and tournaments. The deposit will be returned provided that the equipment has not been misused as assessed by the Equipment Manager and returned by the end of April.

Parents/players/Guardians are responsible for the timely return of such equipment at the end of the hockey season.


SECTION 5: Ice Time

The PCHA promotes the policy of “equal ice time” for all players but for the last 2 minutes of a game which should be at the discretion of the Head Coach. At the same time, for any player denied ice time, the Head Coach is to make a reasonable effort to equalize the lost ice time in future games.

Ice time policies are to be addressed for each Team in their Team Rules (mandatory for all PCHA teams).

If a Parent or Guardian is unhappy with a player’s ice time, they should discuss the matter with the team’s Head Coach. If further clarification is required, the parent should contact the PCHA Head Coach VP for either A/Gold teams or House League as noted on the PCHA website.


SECTION 6: Complaint Procedures

6.1 Complaints against Port Credit Hockey Association

Complaints against the PCHA are to be made by email or in writing. They should be sent to the attention of the President of the PCHA at the following:


Bill Beaton

bill@webeaton.com OR mailed to

2620 Bristol Circle Suite 200, Oakville L6H 6Z7


6.2 Complaints against Team Officials – “24 Hour Rule”

To avoid emotional or angry outbursts and behaviours at both games and practices, the “24 Hour Rule” is in force for all Parents, Players and Guardians. This requires you to wait a period of 24 hours before making your concerns known to the appropriate party. If a Parent, Guardian or Player has observed the 24 hour rule, he/she is to first approach the Team’s Head Coach with their complaint in writing so that the facts of the complaint are properly set out and understood. A copy of this complaint is to be filed with the appropriate PCHA Head Coach VP for Gold/“A” teams & House League teams and PCHA President. The Head Coach for the particular team will take the complaint to the appropriate PCHA Head Coach VP and a meeting will be set up to discuss the complaint with the appropriate parties within 48 hours or a reasonably agreed time. If the issue cannot be settled, the parent, guardian or player may bring it to the attention of the PCHA President.

6.3 Verbal, Mental or Physical Abuse

If a Parent or Guardian believes their son or daughter has been subjected to verbal, mental or physical abuse by any Team Official, they are to notify the Team’s Head Coach and the PCHA President by either email or in writing as noted in 7.1.


SECTION 7: Official Team Budgets

Procedures relating to team budgets for all PCHA teams are covered under the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES located on the PCHA website.


SECTION 8: Financial Statements

Procedures relating to the preparation and circulation of financial statements for all PCHA teams are covered under the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES located on the PCHA website.


SECTION 9: Team Rules 

Procedures relating to the preparation and circulation of Team Rules for all PCHA teams are covered under the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES located on the PCHA website.


SECTION 10: Use of Club Logo

No unauthorized use of the PCHA logo is permitted. All items with the PCHA logo must first be authorized in writing by the PCHA VP of Operations prior to its production. Failure to adhere to this will be considered a violation of copyright and will be dealt with accordingly.