Vaccination Policy Accommodation Request Application forms are now available. Any individual who is seeking an Accommodation should go to the GTHL site for more information. COVID-19 ACCOMMODATION

By way of process, an Applicant will complete one of two forms, CREED/RELIGION ACCOMMODATION or MEDICAL ACCOMMODATION (both found on the GHTL site)

  • Once the appropriate form has been properly completed, it is to be uploaded to the link contained in the application itself.
  • This is the only method by which an Accommodation application will be accepted.  Once an application has been submitted, an internal review process will be conducted. An incomplete submission will result in the request being denied.
  • The Applicant can expect to receive an email response in no more than 14 days.   There will be one of two responses: Approved or Denied.
  • The response time will depend upon the number of requests received.  If the applicant is approved, they will receive an email notification that is to be provided to the respective Organization. A notification of approval will replace the need for the Applicant to provide proof of a second vaccination dose.  This notification may stipulate conditions that must be followed by the Applicant.  It will be the responsibility of each association to ensure the conditions are being adhered to.