The affects of Covid-19 remains as a disrupting force in our efforts to return to a more normal life which includes providing a safe and responsible return for our children to actively start playing organized hockey again.
The various “Covid policies” issued by both the Province and the GTHL have levied a great deal of responsibility, especially record keeping, with the 6 Associations that make up the MHL. With that, the Port Credit Board of Directors debated and passed a resolution that states “As of September 15, 2021 all players 12 years and up (2009) must be fully vaccinated to be able to register and play hockey with Port Credit”.
What this means is players, 12 years and up (2009), who are not fully vaccinated can not play for Port Credit in the coming year. If you have already registered with Port Credit and knowingly will not be able to comply, please contact our Registrar VIA EMAIL ONLY before September 30, 2021 for a 100% refund and release.

For those who will not be able to comply and who registered after September 15, 2021 or before this date but did not ask to be de-registered before September 30th, the normal refund policy will apply.

At this point in time, the MHL is awaiting direction from the Province/GTHL on how verification of “full vaccination” will be collected. Once in place, we will communicate to you on how verification will be processed.