Port Credit Registered Families;

Further to the communication for Sept 19, 2021, please find below two further updates:

  1. House League Evaluation Schedule
  2. MHL Communication on what to expect from the ‘return to hockey’.

1) Evaluations:

You will note some of the following:

  • Some evaluations are 1 hour each while others  are 1.5 hours
  • Some age groups have more than one evaluation, others have ONLY one.
  • Some age groups have been extended beyond the, previously communicated, Oct 2/3 weekend into Oct 9, 2021
  • In some cases, there is more than the typical ’10 minutes’ between sessions to help manage the number of people in the facility.

Please note that these are all a result of registration numbers at the different age groups.

As anticipated, registration at some of the older age groups is lagging, hence one session is plenty to evaluate and distribute the players to proper teams. However, the younger age groups still showed robust registration numbers, hence the additional sessions are required.

Paperweight Evaluation Schedule

House League Evaluation Schedule

2) MHL Return to Hockey

The memo,MHL What to Expect, highlights the policies and procedures that must be followed as we return to hockey this season. Some of the info enclosed has been covered in the initial PCHA communication.

If you should have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to Frank Candeloro at frank.candeloro@portcredithockey.com