The Mississauga Hockey League and the six Area Associations are pleased to announce that for the 2023 – 2024 season, our “Red” House League level of play will be enhanced to include more regular season games and a Tryout process that will take place during the week following “A” Tryouts.

2023-24 “A” Tryouts are set for the week of May 8th to 14th so Red Tryouts will take place during the weekend of May 26/27/28. These will be open Tryouts so you won’t have to be registered with a particular Association to participate. Registration will follow should you make a particular team.

While our Red loops will continue to be defined as part of our House League offering, enhancing the Red level will allow us to continue to include teams from outside of Mississauga, such as George Bell, Humber Valley, West Mall, and Oakville, to name a few.


House League Red Coaching Information & Try-Out Schedule can be found here;