Juvenile Registrations

There are no evaluations for the Juvenile Division (players born in 1997-99) with PCHA. Each team is built by the coach.

There are two ways to be placed on a team

Contact the coach prior to registering. If the coach tells you to register, please proceed to registration. The coach will send the players name to the registrar and they will be assigned to the team.

If a player registers without contacting a coach, the player will be registered however not assigned to a team until a coach accepts the player. The coaches will contact these players to get an idea of the skill level and personality of the player. Players who do not get selected will be released prior to the start of the season in order to register elsewhere.

PCHA is looking to assemble 2 -3 teams in this division. It will depend on the number of player who want to register. Spots are still available, call your friends... contact a coach.

Coaches have not been finalized however in the meantime please contact the Association Head Coach Tim Douglas for any specific Juvenile inquiries or requests.

Contact the registrar for general inquiries. registration