Player Evaluations and Team Building


The Port Credit Paperweight evaluations are only the beginning of team building. There is an 8 – 9 week process where players and teams are to be evaluated and compared. Movement of players are probable at this time. See below

Paperweight Evaluations

Evaluations determine the skill level for all our players. Evaluations take place in early to mid-September.

Players are assessed based on the skills and ability’s displayed during the evaluations. The placement on a team is based on this assessment and how they compared with the other players. All players are expected to attend the evaluations.

Any players who do not attend the evaluations will be placed based on known history and input from previous coaching. Further assessment will take place during the convening period and a move to another team may take place.

Your son or daughter should attend the evaluations. Once your son or daughter has been placed on a team, you will be contacted by your coach.

    • Paperweight evaluations are for registered PCHA players only.
    • There is no participation fee.
    • All players must have full hockey equipment, including CSA approved helmet / facemask and BNQ certified throat protector.
    • Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled start to allow time to check-in and get ready. Dressing room space may be very limited; players should put some of their equipment on at home.

After all the players have been evaluated, the teams will be assembled based on the overall assessed skill levels; all teams will have an equal amount of beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

If you have any questions or concerns during this process please contact Jeff Little

During the first seven weeks of the paperweight season the balance of teams and players skills levels are monitored to attempt to organize playing levels as fairly as possible. Movement from one team to another team may happen.