‘A’ & Gold Tryouts

Want to play for ‘A’ & Gold team next year?

1. The tryout process start as soon as the coach is announced.
2. The coach job is to discover new talent and potential candidates early in the current season.
3. Do not hesitate to contact the coach if you feel your kid is skilled enough to join our top level teams.
4. As a player – work hard in games and practices – be a great teammate who is easy to coach. You never know who is watching 🙂

It requires commitment

1. Be prepared to work hard.
2. Be prepared to spend lot of your free time on ice.
3. Be prepare to travel and commit your weekends to ice hockey.
4. Be prepared to have fun and spend amazing time with your teammates

Our Contact

Port Credit Memorial Arena
40 Stavebank Road

(905) 567-3492

  • Skating
  • Shooting
  • Puck Handling
  • Passing

Practice Makes Perfect

Hockey Forward Skating Training Intensive.
Discover the best hockey drills and our practice videos to learn more about hockey and how to develop team as well as individuals